Chinamora Families

To all our visitors and those of the VaShawasha family, please note that this information we are providing is solely for the purpose of educating and connecting the missing links of our geneological past. We are not convinced that this service renders itself useless but more connecting with out roots. We fear some of the social upheavals you see in many countries are purely on lack of effective social structures. By the way these social structures were destroyed by westernisation.

Our culture was so closely knit, our families huge but united and now we are so sporadic and divided even in the smallest possible sense. We therefore would like to include here the family tree which we got from NADA records from Joshua Chidziva’s journal. Please accept it as a starting point and you can work your way downwards. What we hope to achieve is put together what happened after that and the families named here in after.

1. Tumbudu.
2. Nemango.
3. Tingini.

1. Dereregodzonga “Chinamhora”.
2. Chaitezvi.
3. Nyamare.
4. Chinamaringa.
5. Chidziva.
6. Nzvere.
7. Charumbira, mwana waWafenenombo munin’na waChinamaringa.
8. Chingoma, mwana waChidziva.
9. Kuvhimadzama, weimba yaNzvere.
10. Shambare Chidyausiku.
11. Chagwedera Chihuri, aive weimba yaChinamaringa uyo akashaya muna 1930.
12. Muchenje Nyava, weimba yaChidziva, uyo akashaya muna 1937.
13. Bernard Kahari, weimba yaNzvere.
14. Marize Gwindi, weimba yaChinamaringa.
15. Simon Chidziva, wemba yaChidziva.


12 thoughts on “Chinamora Families

  1. Kahari, Chikaka, Kapapiro, Vambe, Chokowore naCharumbira mazita emhuri dzinowanikwa kwaMusana. Handizivewo zvangu kuti Guwa anorehwa apa ndiyewo here mumwechete anemusha maMusana makaremo.

    Vana Ngara vaiave vazukuru veVarozvi sezvo tateguru wavo akabve Swaziland akapuhwa mwanasikana wamambo kubva paZimbabgi Khami. Ndokusaka nanhasi vachinzi Ngara waMambo.

  2. gugu

    Hie ,lm looking for Alfred Chinamora ,he used to work at Nkayi hospital in the 1980_81 time ,contact me on 0027 849486723pliz its urgent

    1. Fungayi

      Hi Gugu,

      I am not sure if I know this guy but the family name is one of ours. I hope someone will read this message and pass it on. Good luck

      1. Hie ,Fungai ,lm still looking in vein ,there is a Fungai who went to Matopo High School with my mother Busi Ndlovu in the 70 s they both stayed friends till the early 90s,she is also a Chinamora

  3. Mukanya my familly in goromonzi useses the SURNAME chinamora.the village next to us are also children of chinamora vachinzi vana shambare.chijeche zinyongo mhembere and nyamasoka are very common surnames within our familly in rusike.the problem is how are we connected to those at chinamora.pliz my granny died so early.I still remember my other grand PA who try in vein to inherit the throne in chinamora unfortunately he died.we used to know him bby the name chijeche so give connection I want to feel connected

  4. King Claimont Chimbindi

    Am happy to see much on my tribe,bless you Joshie i don’t know how i can call you Baba ,Mkoma or Sekuru bt only to say Mkanya wangu Chinamhora waribaya nemukanwa, keep doing good and search more nd more . Hama memorising this is good nekuti takawandisa to avoid makuna kuna plz plz ndapota todakuti denga riturure misodzi . Chekaukama hazvisi ndatenda anaSoko nana Mkanya. Ini Last son and only left son of Killian Chidyausiku son of Chimbindi.

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